The date of FS 2017 release is unknown but guesses are spreading rapidly

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The date of FS 2017 release is unknown but guesses are spreading rapidly

Probably all fans all over the world are waiting for the new version of farming simulator 2017 game. It’s not the easiest thing to do because GIANT Software Company is not providing much information. The most important is that release date is unrevealed. For this reason, fans started guessing about the final release date. But it doesn’t help a lot – everyone has different thoughts and it’s extremely difficult to decide who has the most accurate opinion.

Although the most common opinion is that the game will be published in autumn 2016. This prediction was confirmed officially by GIANTS Software Company. Unfortunately, the exact month is still unrevealed. A big number of fans are concerned that upgraded farming simulator game will show up on October. Their decision is based on previous year’s experience. On the other hand, it is announced that GIANTS Company is facing some issues. Therefore, the release date can be postpone until November.

It should be mentioned that there is also other type of fans who believe that the release date can be delayed even more. They count on situations of other worldwide games which were postponed. Everyone agrees that games’ companies cope with many complex problems and it’s often that the release date is postponed even few times. In their opinion, although it was planned by GIANTS to present the fs 2017 in autumn of 2016, the final release will be represented only in 2017 beginning. It would be a great disappointment for all fans that are waiting for the new version so desperately.

Anyway, despite all the predictions, until there is no official information by GIANTS, the information cannot be confirmed. All that we can do is simply be patent and wish that company will stick to the plan to announce Farming simulator 2017 release date in autumn of 2016 without any postponements. In opposite scenario, many of us will be disappointed and gloomy – it can be too hard to wait even more.

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