Lely machines in Farming Simulator 2017 without mods?

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Lely machines in Farming Simulator 2017 without mods?

Farming simulator 2017 is one of the most popular simulation games because it’s possible to try real farmer’s life. According to the latest calculations more than 2 million units of this game were sold and it isn’t close the end yet. It’s great because everyone can choose which kind of farmer a person wants to be. It’s possible to do everything you like – grow plants such as grains or vegetables or turn to livestock such as raise of cows and chickens. You can try every activity and find the most favorite one.

According to the last predictions, GIANTS Software Company has made a deal with Lely – a famous company which manufactures machines for agriculture’s sector. In case these guesses turn to be true, new opportunities will be waiting for us in Farming simulator 17. We will be able to use the best farming equipment in the world. The official release date of the most current Farming Simulator version is 2016 autumn. This upgraded game will provide us with new machinery, such as Lely Lotus 1250 Profi Tedder and the Lely Hibiscus 1515 CD Profi Rake. Let’s not forget Lely Splendimo 900 MC Mower and Lely Tigo XR 75 Combi Loader wagon. The care of the precious cows will be updated with Lely Luna cow brush as well as with Lely Astronaut A4 Milking Robot too.

These new options will help FS 2017 farmers to harvest and milk much easier. It’s the right time to bring a game to the upper level and get the best of the game. This will enable to pay more efficiently – rise production level and get more income.

The famous Farming simulator game has already made deals with 40 world’s most well know companies. The best proof that GIANTS Software Company is doing a great job in developing FS simulator is that Lely was introduced to it. FS 17 won’t lose the leader status. Well let’s wait for the new version to see it personally and confirm or reject the predictions.

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