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This silo is a placeable, which you can place anywhere on the map, like a regular placeable. It contains seeds and solid fertilizer. At this silo, you can fill both trailers (provided that the trailer accepts seeds or fertilizer) and tools (seeders and solid fertilizer spreaders).
The silo has a limited capacity, which probably will vary during updates. For the current base capacity, please check the specifications below. In future versions, this capacity will also be upgradeable.
The silo will be completely filled upon placement, and will automatically refill every night at midnight. In future versions, you’ll be able to specify the time at which you want your silo to be filled, the filllevel you desire (per filltype), and you’ll be able to order an express delivery for a premium (These three features are goals for me, I can’t promise to get this working).
Filling from the silo costs 10% less than buying BigBags. This is done because “you don’t have to buy the BigBags”. Bulk should be cheaper, right?

Filltypes: Seeds, Solid fertilizer
Capacity: 10.000L for each filltype
Bulk discount: 10% (Default price × 0.90)

How to use
For later versions, there will be a better manual.

Fill trailers below the spout, just like you fill your trailer with crops at the silo at the farm.
Fill tools below the spout, just like you fill them near a BigBag. If you are precise enough with your seeder/fertilizer spreader, a particle effect will show. This has no effect on the price or filling speed of the silo, it is purely visual.

Drive or walk up to the silo to view how much seed/fertilizer is left in the silo. If your silo is empty, you can walk up to it and press “R” to instantly refill it. This is a temporary feature, which will be replaced in the future by a better system.

I am planning to improve this mod in the future, but I can’t guarantee that it will happen. Obviously, I’ve got other things to do in my life as well. If you’re interested in my plans, you can check out the README file that is included in the download.

Bug reporting / Feedback
I would really appreciate if you could give me feedback, especially if you find a bug. You can do so in this Google Form. If you’re interested, there is a list of known bugs in the README file that is included in the download. If you have more detailed feedback, or want to discuss a suggestion you have, you can also do this in the support topic of this mod. Thank you!

Version history
A version history is available in the README file included in the download.

3D model: GIANTS Software GmbH Textures for concrete base: GIANTS Software GmbH (from the greenhouse concrete base) Script: Timmiej93, Marhu Inspiration / ideas taken from Marhu (CompostMaster 2K17) with permission.
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