FS 17 Buildings & Halls V 1.0.0

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FS 17 Buildings & Halls V 1.0.0

We from Team V Here are our halls before we collected in Complete Ls17 and also in our Maps. All Gäube are only with the GE (Giants Editor) to build on the map.

We have Great Bunk halls (Without trigger) Or standart halls as from some Russian maps as well as French maps. The complete packet of the halls & buildings are scarcely 150MB – 200MB

Since we are now on the 19 Go we wanted to provide you The stuff.

There are still signs, trees, boards, shrubs, etc. join in. Are all only with the editor to obstruct. vill. Is it for the 19ner what if who wants to build ne map.

Big Thanks Go to all the Mapper, Modder & Scripter who have given us their mods for the community in the Complete Time.

Also to the testers who have tested everything / had. you too should get a thank you.

So now just a few words to the conclusion we will gradually list all credits from whom What are things.

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