FS 17 Case Titanium 4540 Official V

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FS 17 Case Titanium 4540 Official V

here the Case Titan 4540 Fertilizer Spreader in Official and Original Version .
It is the version that first came to the DL more than 18 months ago.

Why I offer this one to you here (the reason is that the version here is used for conversions, and was recently published with false credits of others recently).

Model has the usual FS17 standard features and functions.

Fillable with fertilizer (Fertilizer)
Capacity: 8196 liters
Working width: 18 meters
Power: 300 hp
Top speed: 53 km / h
Price: 256400 €
Maintenance: 157 €

Original Modell: Polygonish Ingame: Ryan Dominator modding, Abel Modding Script: Giants (Standard)
What is this mod use for


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