An insight in Farming Simulator 17 mods and the overview of Gbase

FS 2015 Mods

An insight in Farming Simulator 17 mods and the overview of Gbase

Our greatest wish is to provide you with Farming Simulator 17 mods as soon as possible. Lately, we have discovered some information about Farming Simulator 2017 in Gbase. There was stated that there would be no more limits for the light sources for developers. It will have the most impact for the dark time. More authentic atmosphere wil be provided. Day time will be much more entertaining too. New version of the game will embrace brighter colors’ plants which depend on the sun position.

One more thing should be mentioned because not only graphics will be upgraded. Machines and technical features will be lifted to the next level. New option of leasing will be also introduced especially useful in the beginning of the game when farm has no savings.

From now on you will be allowed not only to cut some fallen trees to smaller pieces or bricks – new option of transportation will be introduced. Farmer will be able to control transport vehicle and make it useful. We can’t wait for the throw-option which should be integrated and getting ready for FS 2017 mods.

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