Belarus 322 V 0.9 LS15

FS 2015 Mods

Belarus 322 V 0.9 LS15

Moinsen people
today comes from us of Belarus 322nd
This compact tractor is a modified variant of us the real existed Belarus 321st

Details for tractor

Cost: € 10 760
Maintenance: 55 € a day

PS: 36
Permanently mounted orginal Belarus weight for better control of this small tractor
Orginale Sound data from the Belarus 321
Multiplayer capability: Yes
Washable: Yes
Color choice: No

We wish you with OUR creation fun
Micha and MTL Modding Team

Modell: Micha / MTL Modding Team Textur: Micha / MTL Modding Team Idee / Konzept: Micha / MTL Modding Team Tester: Micha / MTL Modding Team und Marco von Schönis Spielecke
What is this mod use for


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