HoT Seeds & Fertilizer Production Final LS15

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HoT Seeds & Fertilizer Production Final LS15

Version Final
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Seed and fertilizer production [placeable] Now produced your own seeds and fertilizer!

Fertilizer production:
Requires: -> solid and liquid manure (max 20,000 liters per unit.)
Product: -> Mineral

Seed Production:
Requires: -> fertilizer and grain (max 20,000 liters per unit)
Product: -> Seeds

Mixing ratio: 1: 1
Product storage: 60,000 l max.
Filling: Shovel or trailer, standard vehicles are sufficient.
Removal: Shovel or conveyor belt
Cost: Pro Production Building € 90,000 purchase and 10 € per day maintenance costs
Liquid fertilizer is currently not producible!

SanAndreas / Giants
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