Farming Bank V 0.1 LS 15

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Farming Bank V 0.1 LS 15

Please Note !: Compatible maps are : Bjornholm , Westbridge Hills & Sosnovka (Gold Edition Map). Other Maps for example may function. Extra Fruits are not available , for example like in the Holzhausen Map.

Farming Bank 16 is an External Software program to manage the Financials of Farming Simulator 15. It is designed to act like a personal Bank.Get important Stats about your ,for example: Silo Storage or BGA,also gives it a build-in service to help you ,if there are debt values available. It calculates possible Incoms too.

Manage your Financials in a advanced way.
Dear Farmer , We hope to welcome you as a customer of Farming Bank 16 !

GNU GPL v3 License . Readable in Program.

System – Requirements
Windows 7 or higher (32/64Bit)
.NET Framework 4.5.2

Program tested under :
01 Beta Windows 10 64Bit Alfa auf Windows 10 64Bit & Windows 8 64Bit (VM)

UI: Daniel Berends Development: Daniel Berends Idee / Konzept: Daniel Berends Tester: Daniel Berends & Other Beta tester (for release 0.1)
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