Courses for Schoenebeck Map V 2.0 for FS15

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Courses for Schoenebeck Map V 2.0 for FS15

Here I have you times retracted a couple courses for Schoenebeck Map.
There currently is only the downhill from the fields to the farm silo, but there are still more to come.


Unzip file and the file (coursplay.xml) pack folder into your savegame.

The courses are run in which the downhill on the field up to 15 km / h.
They are so Placed they stand on the day before walls. This means no pre-walls are they in the cereals !!

About Learn to improve or suggestion to other courses I’m open. Sure there are always people who are better but there are also people who take it gladly!

Bye for now
Your Peter

What is this mod use for


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