Ford Ka 1.3 basis V 1.0 Mod

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Ford Ka 1.3 basis V 1.0 Mod

Oops, we have since a old Ford ka Found 😉

With straight times 41,308 Km and was driven by an elderly farmer

Unfortunately, the good farmer Verabschiede in 2013. And Ran us as a farewell before his death his old Ford ka 🙁

in 2016. Was once our farm where we cleared out old junk cars, remains of replacement parts and 1 broken tractor Discarded.
Finally we found in the barn this Sky Blue Ford Ka, The paint shines like a new car, the interior Scent of new upholstery and engine Purrs like a bee,
—– The best comes still the old DIN 1451 mark were in the trunk: D

My teammate with his 2015er Volvo XC70 and his 86er Unimog has no place for this little runabout

I Saußste with my 98er Renault Laguna By region all Westbridge Hills, looking after a new owner ……….

Now we Determined that we in the Modhoster vehicle market our Ford ka for you Offer Want! Can you mark equal takeaway, log located in the back seat with a filled-in service booklet. Winterrreifen we not Found, New Costs you 78 LS € 😉

Oh yes a trailer coupling is installed, the exhaust is unfortunately bissal leakage (silencer)

Is that blue not after your taste? Then ask some games quite Lieb your Landmaschienenhändler Whether you in an other color repainting Can, you have only the standard colors (multicolor).

We hope that the little good to lover hands Arrives, As would the Verstorbender Bauer offers 🙂

Greetings Volvo V40 driver and teammate

Volvo V40 Fahrer, 3d Modell: Teamkollege, Volvo V40 Fahrer
What is this mod use for


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