BMW I8 KdoW V 1.0 LS 15

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BMW I8 KdoW V 1.0 LS 15

Today I would like my BMW i8 representing and offer you to download.

Caveat: A WARM thank you to Patrick13 for the disposal position of his BMW and M3’s A WARM thank you also goes to welpenenzym209

the credits:
Undercarriage BMW M3: Patrick13
Bodywork, wheels, steering wheel: welpenenzym209
Ingamed: John Deere 5615F
Rebuilt / moddet: LS-Fire.Design

!!!!!! VERSIONS !!!!!!!

In the v1 reflection, the Standard Model is included. The only changes are in Inerior. There is a Blaulich display the turns on as soon as you akiviert the rafters! In addition, the vehicle has a light reflectance of blue light that is outside their visibility on a vehicle.
We want this car for now edit the main project. Say we are the next weeks tinkering only to the I8 KdoW rum!
It will provide new features such as a 2 Horn (E-horn) and new beams and frequencies.
Of course, other versions and features will follow.

Among the features:
LED indicators (Light Addon required)
dimmed headlights
high beam
Reversing lights
Blue light

More can be found in the pictures !!!!!

Important info!!!
Who Mekert it must keep to himself.

I please you polite enough this mod NOT on a separate page upload !!
So enough said I wish you much fun with the mod.
Best regards

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