V 1.0 LS 15

FS 2015 Mods

V 1.0 LS 15

After a long pause time for something new.
This time it’s another building.

-. Texture in DDS (AO)
– No errors in the logging information
– Clip Distance set at 300
– The package is attached file “Read”
– The package is also animated Door trigger.
– I tried to make buildings, the least weighed
– The model can only the new version of GE (6.0.2, etc.) are baked
– The door opened to “O”

Terms of Service:
– Categorical ban to change the link!
– If you move, copy the entire contents of this post!
– Prohibition editowania and output!
– The ban on adding links Alternative!
РProhibition of giving reflinków!
– Download the original link.

The more people will think of these rules is very likely that another building will be much faster!
If you see that someone somewhere is not with the rules does not necessarily correspond to contact me!

Installation Animation Door Trigger + + + text file texture = 17MB (probably worth a download)

I invite you to my fan page!
Enjoy the game
Greetings Swiftpaw

DBL, Ziuta, GoldFox
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