Trocknen von Korn V 2.0 for LS15

FS 2015 Mods

Trocknen von Korn V 2.0 for LS15

I present drought grain heated stove straw.

For proper operation, the building needs Animation Map Trigger

Drying is added by the Giants Editora

What it has:
– Animated elements
– Opened the oven door and turn on the system
– The unique sounds of opening and start-up of the furnace
– A system imitating the burning of straw bale
– In the building you can sell grain
– Add Fabrik Script

Model: vnsfdg2 Texture: vnsfdg2 Idea / Concept: vnsfdg2 Testing: vnsfdg2, Z&Q , Rolnik410 , Script: Marhu
What is this mod use for


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