Stable with manure removal V 0.8 FS 15

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Stable with manure removal V 0.8 FS 15

Here a stable with manure removal, as it is common in our area.

This version is not ready yet and can only be inserted with the Giants Editor. With a bit of remodeling work it can be very nice installed in the American Standard Map. (See pictures)
The mod contains only the building with manure removal (no cows, no planning or anything that can be seen in the pictures)

Why I publish the building already:
1) I want to see if anyone has interest in this building.
2) There are always the same building installed on almost all maps …
3) Maybe I will note one or the other wish and hint from the comments in the “final” version.

What is planned:
Animation for doors, gates and manure
Possibly the whole building will also appear to build (like the other mods by me), but I am still working on the implementation …

For useful in the comments I would be grateful.

What is this mod use for


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