Baldeikino Map v2.0 Mod LS15

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Baldeikino Map v2.0 Mod LS15

Finally, the first Russian card for FS19 came out, and what a! We are talking about the location from the last part of the series, which at one time received a lot of positive feedback from Russian-speaking players. If you want to personally experience all the difficulties of Russian farming on your own, then the Baldeikino map for Farming Simulator 2019 is an excellent choice.

However, we note in advance that we are talking about a beta version of the location, so various bugs and errors may be present on it, as well as limited functionality. At the moment, the Russian Baldeykino card has the following features:

Three huge farms that can be easily changed: demolishing unnecessary buildings, build new buildings, improve current buildings and so on.
Dynamic traffic, both automotive and pedestrian.
The presence of a good set of special equipment.
Various side missions in the fields.
Pure log.
This map has a real Russian atmosphere: thick birch trees grow in the forest, the roads are mostly dirt roads, a beautiful river flows nearby, there are inscriptions in Russian everywhere, and so on.

Version 2.0 for Farming Simulator 2019 (v1.1.0.0):
12 purchased meadow fields;
All areas are bought;
Support for all types of crops, including silage, straw, grass and hay;
Crop price increased to 2.5x (default value is 1);
New farm;
I created a flat land for placing objects.

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